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Portable Mini Solar Energy Kit Portable


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The function:
1. Solar charging, environmental protection and energy conservation, as long as there is a place where you can use the sun.
2. Configuration 2 0.9W highlight light bulb (Samsung 2 generation 5630 lamp beads), constant current IC drive, good stability, brightness is always maintained above 100LM.
3. With mobile phone charging function (1 line 4), can phone, mp3, mp4, digital cameras and other electronic products charge.

Specific parameters:
1. 3W solar panels, with 3 meters cable, you can select Aluminum frame.(Default plastic border)
2. Two bulbs, each light bulb with 3 meters, with on-line switch. Light bulb parameters: 0.9W bright LED, white 6000K-6500K, 100LM
3. The battery: 4.5Ah / 6V lead-acid batteries
4. USB output, 5V500mA
5. Solar panels charge one day (according to 5 hours peak sunshine): 1 bulb can be lighting 8 hours, 2 light bulb lighting 4 hours.
6. Battery full power: a light bulb lighting 30 hours, 2 light bulbs 15 hours
7. Battery capacity display function:
The three indicators show the battery capacity
3 lights: capacity 50-100%
2 lights: capacity 20-50%
1 indicator light: capacity < 20%
8. color box size: 23 * 8.5 * 19cm, single weight: 1.88KG

The scope of application:
Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, power shortage, no electricity, home lighting.

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Weight 1.88 oz
Dimensions 24 × 9 × 20 in


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Solar Generator


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